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Remote and Onsite Support

Have you ever heard of remote and on-site support? Essentially,

Remote & On-Site Support

Have you ever heard of remote and on-site support? Essentially, these are two services that emerged in the I.T. segment. It helps professionals in the area to develop solutions to problems with efficiency and practicality. Also, both services offer the necessary support when there are technical failures in the IT system used by the company. In this case, both approaches can solve simple and complex problems.

Given the advantages that both services provide, companies have started to hire remote and on-site support services. Here ‘s what you can expect when implementing both services in your business.

  • On-Site and Remote Support Benefits
  • Receive Real-Time Solutions
  • Accessibility
  • Immediate Access to Experts
  • Fast Response Times
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Save Time & Costs
  • In-Depth Monitoring

Main Differences Between On-Site and Remote Support

As mentioned before, both services can meet the client’s needs immediately. When requesting an On-site Support, technicians have more freedom and independence to work, solving I.T difficulties; Technicians don’t usually need to be supervised during a site visit.

On the other hand, Remote Support requires time to schedule an Online Appointment to remote into the client’s machine. After developing a healthy and trustworthy relationship with the client, meetings and appointments are set more often and quicker.

Remote Management and Monitoring Tool

Monitoring tools are an extremely important I.T Management Software, allowing technicians to be more precise when monitoring tickets and client requests. Monitoring Tools support both On-Site and Remote Support Requests. When Tickets are created, technicians decide on how to best approach the situation.

When remoting into client’s machine, technicians have total control, allowing them to fix software, cloud, and hardware problems. Monitoring Tools also have the capability to automate processes, monitor agentless networks, serve as antivirus and much more. It is mainly designed to minimize the disruption of business processes and downtime rate.

Which one of them should you choose?

You don’t need to choose any of them. Think IT Ai provides both On-Site and Remote Support. Allowing us to have a more precise and focused control over your operational challenges. We proactively track and resolve IT issues through emergency visits for critical issues that interrupt normal business operations. Our help desk is fully staffed during standard business hours to ensure there is coverage, and technicians are ready to answer customer calls.

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