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Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security? Cyber Security is the practice that protects computers and servers,

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the practice that protects computers and servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It is also called electronic security information. Creating security methods and barriers that prevent or notify the company in case of intrusion attempts is the first step to have a secure system.

There are several controversies about data security in the cloud. But that depends on two main factors: The Cloud provider and how the customer manages the access to their environment. Microsoft has security features that provide each client with a Compliance Center; Making it possible to manage and organize your Security settings. The organization has full control over SharePoint Online Security, providing flexibility, and granting access to external partners.

Sharing your SharePoint Online Content with External Users

Before SharePoint 2013, adding external users to a SharePoint environment was a complex process. You had to add them individually to your identity provider. With the new version of SharePoint in Microsoft 365, the users can share content in three ways:

  1. Websites are using a Microsoft Office 365 ID or Microsoft account (Live ID).
  2. Individual documents are using a Microsoft ID 365 or a Microsoft account (Live ID).
  3. A direct guest link to documents can be sent to grant anonymous access to specific documents.

Microsoft 365 Trust Center

Nowadays, one of the biggest problems for companies is the reliability to allocate data. It is common for companies to think that data is more secure in an On-Premise environment, but this also exposes the data to certain risks. With that in mind, Microsoft created a website called Microsoft Trust Center, which covers everything about cloud security, such as:

  • In-depth information about security, privacy, compliance offerings, policies, features, and practices across Microsoft cloud products.
  • Additional resources for each topic.
  • Links to the security, privacy, and compliance blogs and upcoming events.

We can consider that among cloud providers, Microsoft is one of the most secure. But as said before, everything will depend on how you configure your environment, especially when it comes to SharePoint Online, and if poorly configured poses different types of risks to your information. Therefore, administrators must take full advantage of all security features and control data with maximum efficiency.

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